Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed here? Please contact us using We will normally answer your question within 1 working day.

  • How can I try your app?

    After completing the contact form or your message via Facebook or Twitter, we will contact you within a day. Based on your wishes, we check whether our app is the right solution for you and whether a free trial period is useful.

    See below for more information about Follow-up steps using the app and How does the trial period work?

  • Follow-up steps for using the app

    1. First of all, we discuss specific wishes regarding the app. Can employees, for example, reserve a workplace or not? Do you have one or more locations? How many workplaces do you have? Etc.
    2. The interactive floor plans are an important part of our app. These make the app more personal and user-friendly. We look at available floor plans and how we can best make the floor plans available within the app. See also In what format can I supply floor plans?
    3. You will receive an Excel template from us in which you can provide all users, so that we can create accounts for logging in within the app. Every employee receives a personal username and password.
    4. We digitize the floor plans and import users. If necessary, we extend the app in consultation if you have specific wishes.
    5. For every desk and meeting room we print a sticker with a (unique) QR code. Your employees can scan this QR code on their mobile phone using our app and checking-in with this on a desk or meeting room.
    6. We inform all users with the message that they can start using the app. You can also do this yourself. We have templates for use as well as a quick start manual.
    7. The trial period starts with this. See also How does the trial period work?
    8. Your employees can contact us for questions via, Facebook of Twitter.
    9. During the trial period we will contact you to see if everything goes according to your satisfaction.
    10. After the free trial period you will receive an invoice every month for the number of desks and meeting rooms. See also What is the notice period?

  • How does the trial period work?

     The first 14 days, which start after we have made the maps within the app available to you, are free. During this period you can send an email to if you are not satisfied. We then close your account free of charge. After 14 days we will invoice the number of desks and meeting rooms on a monthly basis.
  • What is the notice period?

    The notice period is one month.
  • How is privacy guaranteed?

    The data is stored encrypted on Amazon servers within Europe. The app communicates through a secure connection with these servers.Data during the use of the app are used for statistics, such as occupancy rate. We never share data with third parties without your consent. See our terms and conditions for more information.
  • In which format can I supply floor plans?

    To make floor plans interactive, we have to manually “convert” them. If you do not have floor plans, you can also draw / sketch them on paper and send them to us. We prefer to receive material in PDF format. Please number also the desks and meeting rooms. Please note that the dimensions will not be exactly the same. For more questions you can contact us at
  • What do I have to do if (the number of) desks or meeting rooms change?

    You can submit changes via We will adjust the floor plan (s) free of charge and financially process the number of changed desks and/or meeting rooms in the next month.